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Common Styles

Below are some of the most commonly used boxes. If you require made to measure boxes, please click here to send us a quotation request.

Common Style Boxes

fefco 0201
The most common and economical style of box. No tooling is required, flaps top and bottom require taping. Regular case wih flaps top and bottom. Made to measure with no tooling costs. Can have hand holes if required and can also be printed. The most common style of cardboard box and the most efficient use of material. Requires taping.

FEFCO 0201 Boxes

fefco 0300
Box and lid. Often used for shallowed products such as flat packed furniture. Taped/stapled at corners. No tooling required. Box and lid style box. Usually supplied flat and requires taping or stapling to assemble. Made to measue box with no tooling costs. Can be printed if required. Typical use is for packing of flat packed furniture or large items.

FEFCO 0300 Boxes

fefco 0410
A one piece box to pack any shallow products, again such as flat packed furniture. No tooling required. More commonly known as a "five panel wrap box". Made to measure box with no tooling costs. Can be printed if required. Can be printed if required. Typically used for packing long/thin/shallow items.

FEFCO 0410 Boxes

fefco 0427
Our most common die cut case. A very good presentation box, suits shallow smaller products such as computer software/electronic components. Tooling required. More commonly know as a "pizza" style box. Made to measure box that requires a tooling charge to set up. However if you have a size you need please ask as we may have a close tool in stock that we can use. Can be printed if required. Self locking requires no tape. Commonly used as a postal box.

FEFCO 0427 Boxes

fefco 0401
Die cut case. Suits very shallow products such as folders/booklets. Tooling required. More commonly know as a "maltese cross" Made to measure box ideal for very shallow items. Smaller sizes require tooling, larger sizes can be made without tooling. Can be printed if required. Requires one strip of tape to seal.

FEFCO 0401 Boxes

fefco 0911
Often used to separate bottles/components in an 0201 case.

FEFCO 0911 Boxes

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